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Facility 2-7-10 Fukuzumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo-to 135-0032
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Fukuzumi No.1 Factory Oil Filling Plant

Fukuzumi No.1 Factory We manufacture Japanese Pharmacopoeia vegetable oils and petrolatum according to GMP. We provide contract packaging service such as bottling vegetable oil.

Test kitchen

Test kitchen We have a clean room for development of new uses, such as whipped cream, and facilities that allow research and development, including breadmaking. Comparison tests for frying oils on tempura and more are also possible.

Technical support office

Technical support office This allows formulation and sample creation of primarily cosmetic skin care, hair care, dye, and mouthwash.

Quality control office

Quality Assurance office Raw materials and products are analyzed here.
Records are maintained according to Japanese Pharmacopoeia ISO 9001 quality standards.