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Quality Policy

KANEDA Company Limited continuously strives to strengthen its corporate structure and reform its attitude toward the desired goal of never losing sight of the Kaneda value and establishing a solid position in the field of food, health, beauty, and the environment.

1. We consistently provide products that meet the quality standard customers require.

2.We will comply with all requirements of applicable laws and management systems in each country.

3. We take action for the future in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations.

April 1,2024
KANEDA Company Limited
President & C.E.O Nobuaki Kaneda

Environmental Policy

As an upstanding corporate citizen, KANEDA Company Limited strives to comply with environmental laws and regulations to protect the environment and prevent pollution, and to make continual improvements by setting environmental targets.

1. We will proactively provide environmentally-friendly products.

2. We will properly manage substances that impact the environment.

3. We will strive to reduce the environmental impact of our business.

4. We will strive to save resources and energy as well as reduce waste at our offices in Nihonbashi (Tokyo), Osaka, Fukuoka, Toki, and Fukagawa (Tokyo).

5. Scope of Certification
Wholesale of food, oil and fat, medical supplies and cosmetic materials, paint・coatings and inks materials, packaging materials, manufacture of white mineral oil and fat.

6. These policies promote education actions that can be understood and put into practice by all officials, employees in charge of the scope listed above, and everyone involved in office work at our company.

April 1,2024
KANEDA Company Limited
President & C.E.O Nobuaki Kaneda