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History of Kaneda

2024 marks the 119th year since the foundation of the company.
Here, we introduce the work of generations of leaders, up to our sixth president Nobuaki Kaneda, as well as Kaneda’s activities and operations over the years as a company.

The Early Days and Foundation of the Company Kaneda's history begins in 1905.
The Kaneda Oil Shop Era Katsuji Kaneda was just 17 years old when he inherited the business as the third-generation owner.
The Kaneda Shoten Era They even became “purveyors to the Imperial Household Agency”, meaning they could sell to the Imperial Household.
The Kaneda Oil and Chemical Era In 1974, the company implemented a computerized accounting system.
The Kaneda Era Currently, the Kaneda Group deals not only in oil, but acts as a collective of trading companies specializing in resources and raw materials.
Kaneda at the Turn of the Century In anticipation of its 100th anniversary, Kaneda made a fresh start in June 2004.