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The Kaneda Vision -Health-

Japan’s food culture has helped give it one of the highest life expectancies in the world. Interest in preventative medicine and prolonging healthy life expectancy has further increased amid advancements in medical technology as well as a social environment of a graying population and social welfare issues.

As the adage “food is medicine” goes, food, health, and beauty are deeply connected. Kaneda works to provide newly discovered materials or functional raw materials in a variety of fields, as well as create new value from these reciprocal relationships.

In the medical field we help to create the health of Japan from a broad perspective together with our business partners. We are licensed APIs manufacturer for Packaging, Labeling, Storage. In addition, we manufacture excipients at our own GMP factory. Moreover, we have our own testing laboratory to inspect our products. We also provide medical materials used for such things as endoscopy and catheter treatment.

In the field of health our expert team work tirelessly in the areas of pharmaceuticals, excipients, and medical materials.